Hello hello! DJ Kernsy here, at your service, but feel free to call me Zach :)

Thanks for visiting my website. If you've made it this far, I can imagine you're most interested in getting a sense of my credentials. The short version: I'm an award winning, bi-coastal DJ with 10 years of experience. I think most people who know me would classify me as a very devoted music lover -- in that respect, I've been involved with music professionally in some shape or form throughout my entire life.

I began my career djing clubs throughout New York and Los Angeles, which eventually lead me to a sizable number of private events and weddings as well, to the point where I tend to dj those exclusively now. And I like it! After years in nightlife, I've found weddings are a much warmer environment to operate in. I love talking to couples about how to make their personal vision a reality, and I feel like I'm very adept at fielding the wider range of potentials and increasingly discerning clientele that tend to come with it. That said, even as things have progressed, I still make a point to keep my engagements limited, so I can devote all the energy necessary to making sure your wedding is spectacular. At the end of the day, I think that makes all the difference.  Being skilled in the arts never hurts either, and I'm comfortable saying that you're going to get an exceptionally proficient DJ. But beyond that, I think the most valued aspect of how I approach the process has to do with always keeping the importance of the event in mind. In that regard, I'm always willing to communicate with you at every step of the way, and no matter the circumstance, I feel like I can accommodate.

Hope that gives you a better sense. To be honest, it's an absolute pleasure to be involved more often than not. As far as I see it, my life's work has been figuring out how to ensure that people have an awesome time. And y'know, from what I gather, I've gotten pretty darn good at it. :) 

Thank you for considering me,